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Bringing Children

Children and families are welcome.

Children and families are welcome. We offer a First Day program for all ages during Meeting for Worship from 10-11 AM. It is helpful to children to arrive a few minutes early to be introduced to the space and others. The children join the Meeting for the last 10 minutes of worship.


Our teen program provides a variety of learning opportunities and activities which may include Quaker process and leadership, nature walks, crafts, and community action.


Children are also welcome to remain with their family in Meeting for Worship. Sounds and activities that can usually be absorbed into the silence include:


  • the gurgling, cooing and nursing sounds of infants

  • a mother and child’s movements related to nursing

  • parent and child movements related to bottle feeding

  • occasional loud whispers of young children

  • quiet play with soft toys (e.g. a small stuffed toy or Play-Doh)

  • the quiet turning of book pages


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